• Enter all the deposits
  • Enter all the withdrawals
  • Enter all the checks
  • Reconciliation of all the bank accounts
  • Reconciliation of all the credit cards, line of credits & Loan statements
  • Vendor payment service
  • Accounts Receivable service
  • Make all the necessary month end and year end journal entries
  • Financial Statements such as P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow will be available upon request

Payroll/Payroll Taxes

  • Enter all the employees information in the payroll module such as name , address, SSN , Fed/ST Exemptions
  • Reporting of new hire to state
  • Maintain employee records
  • Enter all the payroll FUTA, SUTA, Fed/ ST withholding ids and maintain their rates on yearly basis
  • Set up of direct deposit
  • Collection of hours and processing of schedule payroll
  • Submission of direct deposit, Printing and mailing of payroll checks
  • Create Payroll summary, detail, 940/941, State withholding and SUTA reports
  • Generate and remit monthly and quarterly Payroll Liabilities
  • Create garnishment liability checks and mail it to the appropriate authorities
  • Deal with payroll related notices on a priority basis
  • Prepare W2/1099 and file year end reports with Federal, Social Security, State and Local City

Sales & Use Tax

  • Collect monthly sales data
  • Prepare the sales tax form and filling with the NCDOR
  • Stay on top of the continuance changing of Sales Tax Rates and inform clients on a timely basis to avoid penalties
  • Deal with any kind of sales tax related notices
  • Keep the copies of filled returns and provide copies of those to client

Business Property Listing and Business Licensing

  • Analysis of all the assets on a yearly basis
  • Addition and Deletion of assets on a property listing form
  • Match assets with tax returns to avoid any conflicts
  • Deal with any kind of issues and notices
  • Determine the amounts to be paid for Business Licensing

Accounts Receivable

  • Design Invoice for client
  • Provide W9 for each customer of client
  • Collection of data to create invoice
  • Send invoices to each individual customer of client
  • Generate A/R aging report and follow up with the due invoices
  • Receive payment, clear invoice and deposit check in the bank

Accounts Payable

  • Set up Vendor profile
  • Collect bills to be paid
  • Remit payment using preferred method
  • Issue 1099 at the year end
  • Generate A/P reports and deal with any issue regarding payment

New Business Start Up

  • Filling of Articles of Association with Secretary of State
  • Apply for Federal ID with IRS
  • Apply State W/H, Unemployment and Sales & Use Tax ID
  • Filling of Sub chapter S for corporations
  • DBA Name Reservation with County

Tax Returns (Corporation/LLC & Individual)

  • Collection of Financial Statements
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Entering information into tax return form after finding out necessary schedules
  • Filling of Annual Report with the state
  • Review and discussion of tax returns with the client before filling